Film, Animation

I am a director and animator. I create puppets and sets, I do storyboards and character design.

What brought me into animation was the possibility to create whole worlds and bring them to
life and use all my skills in it - even the dancing!

Biplane Model Kit
Gruen, Gruener, Heidelberg!
Way Home
When the monkeys run the Zoo
Forscherfabrik Schorndorf
Channel 4 Genderquake
Tadaa!, 2nd series
Scream Street
TK Maxx red November
Plasticine TV advert
"Tadaa!" 1st series
Crafty Creatures
Kill it 4 the kids
Konsi Bern
Say Hello
Zeds Dead
250 frames
Die Ärzte - ZeiDverschwÄndung
Shaun the Sheep
Bus Stop Boy
Die HD Show, 2012
Frankfurt Filmmuseum, 2011
Timmytime, 2008-2011
Lucas Film festival trailer, 2010
Het Klokhuis Leader 2010
Eric - 2009
Dragon, 2006
Kater, 2005
Seeed : "Ding", 2005
Landesstiftung Baden-Wurttemberg
King of the USA
Die Neutronenforscher
Spongebob Extra, 2012
That's not really funny, 2009
Damaged goods
Tomte Tummetott, 2007
Das Schloss
Celebrity Deathmatch
Geisterbahn (Ghost Ride), 1998
Mere Ubu
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