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All About Tine

This is me, Tine Kluth, condensed into one website. I am a film maker, director, animator, illustrator and storyboarder. I make sets, puppets and stage designs. I am also a dancer, teacher and choreographer. it 2018 already?

Time flies!

After 3 very busy years I finally get around to updating my website, watch out for new stuff!

Latest Work:

My latest project is a little personal work for "Finally George", a musician from Hamburg and his first album, "Life is a killer". I was given time which allowed me to create this little universe around the little robot and his dog, and I was free to tell little stories in the story with many nods to well known books....

This was a very low budget production as I work with found and recycled materials, so except glue, lightbulbs and such stuff, it's a found-materials film! i love to give things a new life!

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