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This is me, Tine Kluth, condensed into one website. I am a film maker, director, animator, illustrator and storyboarder. I make sets, puppets and stage designs. I am also a dancer, teacher and choreographer.

And another year has flown by with so many projects! Just below is a very personal project with which I ended 2018 and started 2019.

Who knows, what will happen this year? Maybe my little robot will allow me to travel around the world a little bit? Fingers crossed! 

And if you have anything you'd like to be done in stop motion: drop me a line, I am open for new projects!

Latest Work:

Spot for the Greens, Heidelberg

I got the chance to create a little spot for a friend who ran for the Greens in Heidelberg. And: they won massively, of course that was because of the stop motion clip! :-)

I created it from scratch in 9 days, from recycled material with only a bit of After effects in the end.

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