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All About Tine

This is me, Tine Kluth, condensed into one website. I am a film maker, director, animator, illustrator and storyboarder. I make sets, puppets and stage designs. I am also a dancer, teacher and choreographer.

Sitting in the countryside far away from my studio gives me time to update my website!

The beginning of the year was filled with two videoclips, puppet-making, an advertisement and some Clangers-animation.

Now I am open again for new commissions, be it filmmaking, animating, storyboarding, model sets and props, puppet making or illustration!

Latest Work:

This is my latest Music Video that I did for Robert Carl Blank from his Album "The Poet". I did this on weekends while animating on the second season of "Scream Street" (BBC) until Corona hit and I finally got the time to finish this little gem off from my home kitchen studio!

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